Jadilah bagian dari kesuksesan kami

Di WanaArtha Life, kami terus mendorong karyawan untuk maju dan berkembang.

job description

  • Develop initial product pricing and assure assumptions align across product including discussions and negotiations with the distribution channel
  • Support pricing actuary initiatives related to new product developments
  • Manage product pricing profitability indicator to meet company requirements
  • Perform product pricing process through product filling documentations, expense allowable, sales illustrations, product assumptions – distribution mix, mortality/morbidity, interest rate, lapse rate) to support business objectives
  • Assess impact on profitability for any assumption changes in a timely manner
  • Manage and develop junior staff


  • FSAI/ASAI Certified
  • 5 years of experiences
  • Actuary asociate member
  • Extensive knowledge of the technical life insurance and product pricing
  • Knowledge of actuarial report for Directors and Commissioners
  • Knowledge of the governance regulation requirements for product pricing role
  • Actuarial pricing skills, including assumptions setting, etc.
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory filling process and practices
  • Negotiation skills
  • Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

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